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Writer's Education

Writing a book or even a short story can be a daunting task when you are staring at that blank page or screen. How do you find that inspiration that will develop into a great plot line with three dimensional characters? What do you do when your story grinds to a halt in the middle? How do you edit and improve your story? Who should you have read your work to give you an honest review? As a writer how do you handle a bad review?

Getting your work published can be a difficult task as well. Authors commonly find themselves faced with challenges they are unprepared to deal with like cover design, marketing, finding a publisher or even an agent. How do you navigate the jungle of publishing options? What is the difference between vanity presses, small publishing houses and large publishing houses? What should you expect with royalties and copyrights? How much should you expect to pay to publish? Will your publisher market your book? What about eBooks and audio books? What classes will help you understand the publishing process? What happens after you get published.

Our authors are excited to share their insights and experiences with prospective writers. They are happy to speak to your class or group about writing and getting published.We have experience doing radio, TV, live broadcasts, classes, and group discussions. Our authors do not expect to be paid to be a guest speaker.

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