Servant Queen

When Marriah escapes a life of slavery and abuse she is guided by a mysterious voice to safety at a castle in the middle of the forest. There she learns to read, to write, to use a sword and other skills that she will need to fulfill her destiny.

Servant Queen ties together Blood of Ancient Kings and Quest of the King. It thrusts a young woman into a whole new life only to discover her hidden heritage. She must learn to overcome the abuse she suffered to claim both the man who loves her and her birthright.

Servant Queen brings the characters face to face with the harsh reality that cruelty exists and is all too easily overlooked. It highlights the responsibility of leadership to make laws against abuse and of friends and neighbors to watch for and report abuse.  It reminds them that their future depends on remembering the lessons of the past.

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  • "It was such a pleasure to read this thoughtful story and look at the artful pictures. I don't have the right words to describe the superior quality of the illustrations. The sto..."
    Melanie J. Elliott
    The Fisherman's Catch
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It presented a positive, fun view of the universe. The story was engaging enough that I hated to stop, and the lessons it taught actually made me ..."
    Captain Justo From the Planet IS

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