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Two Authors from Down Under

My sister and I have spent many hours co-writing the “My Genie & Me” series for the past two years. Even though we love writing it has been quite challenging because we live over a thousand miles apart. Thanks to the internet.

We were raised in Australia, but also lived in England and now we call USA our home.

It’s our love of travel, adventure and fantasy as well as the facts of Science and Ancient History that stimulates our imagination in writing these books.

While writing “My Genie and Me” series we always kept in mind what we call the “4 Fs” – Fun, Fantasy, Fact and Fiction that would make these books entertaining for the whole family.

Betty Crofoot

Roo Arledge

No Such Thing As A Genie

Book 1

Set in Australia, nine-year-old JENNY lived in the small seaside town of Googee Beach. While playing on the beach she trips over a veautiful vace. Not knowing it is the Great Vase of Ra, Jenny takes the vase home to surprise her Mum, but instead, Jenny is the one who gets surprised when she discovers a little girl Genie named Futuna stuck inside.

Why Jenny is still thinking there is "No Such Thing As A Genie", Futuna tearfully esplains the story of how she fell into the vase while playing in the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Futuna tells Jenny that the Great Celebration Ceremony occurs every Thousand years when the Drugon Star aligns with the Great Pyramid. Even if only one Genie is missing the ceremony cannot take place and all the Genies will lose their powers. Meanwhile, King Farook, the King of the Genies, decrees that all Genies search for Futuna.

Jenny is determined to help Futuna get to the Great Celebration Ceremony in time. Can the Genies find Futuna or will they lose their powers?

Battle For The Multiverse

Book 3

Jenny discovers some of the mysteries of the Cosmos as Futuna and her travel to Fuuna's home planet Aurion. After passing through the first wormhole and landing on Aurion they play happily amongst the enchanting flowers.

But little did they know they would soon be thrown into the battle of the Millennium! Wicked Queen Tulreen and evil King Zoyrel had ordered an attack on Aurion to capture the Genies and imprison them in the Sphere of Dark Matter unil their magic was transferred to Tureen so they could rule the Multiverse.

Great Oracle Titanimus reveals that only the Great Vase of Ra can save the Genies. King Farook tells Jenny, "It will be a very dangerous journey to retrieve the Great Vase from your dresser back on Earth. Only you can make this decision."

Will Jenny say "Yes" and make the perilous voyage with King Farook back to Earth? Will King Farook and the Genies win the battle? What happens to Jenny when the battle is over? Will she really become a Genie?

Great Celebration Ceremony

Book 2

Thinking it's just another one of Jenny's "stories" her Mum and Dad agree to let her go to the Genies' Great Celebration Ceremony.

At the Great Pyramid, King Farook, Jenny and Sunny watch as Futuna and all the other Genies receive their new powers. But little did they know that while everyone was having fun at the ceremony, Tureen, Queen of the Drugons and Zoyrel, King of the Draks were secretly plotting to take over the Planet Earth and Aurion.

Jenny and Futuna return from the ceremony and things start to go haywire when Futuna practices her new powers at Jenny's school.

Then when Futuna grants Jenny's wish to go to Hawaii, Jenny is astonished to discover that she can now talk to animals. Suddenly the volcano Kilauea erupts. King Farook summons Pele the Goddess of Volcanoes for help. Can the Goddess Pele save the day? Will Tulreen and Zoyrel conquer Earth and Auiron?

Titanimus Makes Jenny a Genie

Book 4

Futuna surprises Jenny with astonishing news that she's going to become a Genie in 33 Earth days and she'll be back to take her to Crystalfaria to meet Titanimus and the Seven Surpreme Crystals.

Everythign seemed to be going as planned until the Surpreme Crystals warned King Farrok that because the Black Hole above Aurion had collapsed into itself, the fabric of Space-Time had changed.

Time was running out, Futuna now had only 33 hours to get Jenny to Crystalfaria. Knowing her Genification was in jeopardy, King Farook decided that he had to go instead of Futuna to get Jenny.

Will King Farook get Jenny to Crystalfaria in time? Will Jenny meet Titanimus and the Seven Surpreme Crystals? Will Jenny receive her Genie Powers after all?

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