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Redeeming Jacob Marley

     Jacob Marley wanders the earth like a vagabond, howling and weeping with each windblown step. He is a soul, doomed to roam the earth day and night, misery without end. . . longing for redemption. Mason Howell has troubles of his own that are complicated by the ghost of Jacob Marley showing up at school and home. Even scarier than Jacob Marley is asking the billionaire father of his girlfriend Julia Martin for her hand in marriage. As the youngest members of the Santa Claus League, Mason , Julia and Mason's best friend John Patten have no idea what they are agreeing to when St. Nicholas charges them with redeeming Jacob Marley.

     With the book "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens as a guide, the combined magic of the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future are needed to help Mason, Julia and John rescue Jacob Marley from his eternal torment.

     St. Nicholas reveals that the source of Marley's remaining doom is buried with him, a fortune in gold coins, a treasure they must dig up and deliver to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. . . or die trying.

     'Redeeming Jacob Marley' is the second book in the series. 'The Santa Claus League' tells how Mason, Julia and John become the youngest members of the Santa Claus League.

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