Do you have a book but need help getting it on the shelf or online?

We can help you,

Some of the services we can offer you are advice from authors that have been where you are now, proof reading, editing and reviews from other authors.

We can help you get your book on all the major eBook sites, listed in the online bookstores and on sites like GoodReads.

If you're ready to put your book into paperback or even hardback, we can help you get your book into print so it can be available at brick and mortar book stores around the world.

We can even help you develop a pitch to give when asked about your book.

We will help you set up signings at malls or bookstores to work on your pitch and meet customers.

There are fees for some of these services but they are cost plus a small percentage. Advice is always free you just need to ask.

For more info on any of the services we have contact us, we are here to help you.

The Evolution of V&E Enterprises

 V&E Enterprises was developed by Valerie and Earle Gardner to meet the needs of a group of local authors seeking affordable publishing services. The primary focus of V&E Enterprises is authors helping authors.

Valerie is an award winning hybrid author with an Associates degree in Communications. She has been writing for over twenty five years and has three books published. She formats for a small press and is also adept at creating and editing cover art.

Earle has started and run several successful businesses and has a background in logistics, marketing and photography. He is an engineer who specializes in layout design for events. He is adept at adjusting cover artwork to fit spine size.

Mission Statement

To help find affordable services for independent authors.

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