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Dracona's Rebirth

Releasing on Sept 4th by Ink Smith Publishing

As the last lord of Dracona Bryant lives in an empty castle in the center of a deserted town. He was left abandoned by his family as they fled the castle to escape the dark cloud of shame hanging over Dracona after a tragedy that caused the townspeople to flee in fear as well. His greatest fear is dying alone and forgotten. His life is forever changed when he saves the father of a beautiful woman named Sonje. In gratitude, Sonje goes to live in Dracona's castle. Bryant soon finds himself going from being desperate for companionship and purpose to overwhelmed by new responsibilities and citizens for Sonje has secrets of her own. She is a crown princess in search of a new home for her people. In time Bryant discovers his true heritage, his hidden magical talents and claims an enchanted sword. At the same time Sonje discovers Bryant's hidden past and an elderly dragon with an unusual sense of humor.

Dracona's Rebirth continues the Tales of Asculum by introducing the Lord of Dracona. He is a lonely man with a dark past who faces tasks that he has no hope of accomplishing on his own and no one to turn to for help. Sonje's arrival awakens in him the desire to love someone and have them return that love. It tells of a nation in search of both the answer to an ancient riddle and a new king. It is also the story another nation in the grip of a tyrant king.

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"This book is extremely well written and understandable. It is intriguing and keeps a child's attention while also teaching a very simple principle that has become so skewed. Aft..."

Daniel V. Oaks

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It presented a positive, fun view of the universe. The story was engaging enough that I hated to stop, and the lessons it taught actually made me ..."


Captain Justo From the Planet IS

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