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Captain Justo the Valley of Bones

The Captain Justo Saga

The Valley of Bones

Log 2.1: Into the Deep

While returning to his own universe, Captain Justo is swept into a black hole. To his surprise the harmonics of the golden ship keep him from being crushed, thrusting him into an alternate dimension. While lost and alone he comes face to face with the former High King of Atlantis who warns him that the doom that destroyed Atlantis is about to reawaken and destroy the rest of humanity.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Homeland Security has taken the Sterling family captive against their will. The good news is they get to live together as a family. . . the bad news is they are being held in an underground missle silo in South Dakota! Will Captain Justo attempt to rescue them and risk being captured, or will he try to stop the impending alien invasion?

Captain Justo, together with Christopher and Daniel and the rest of the Sterling Family, must rise to a new challenge, with the fate of all races, on all worlds, hanging in the balance.

The Captain Justo Saga

The Valley of Bones

Log 2.2: The Seratian Betrayal

Leaving Earth and traveling billions of light years away was never going to be easy for Captain Justo. Taking Christopher and Daniel on as new crewmembers, together with the rest of their family, makes the voyage even more challenging. Add in crazy Uncle Cenric, a bona fide Seratian pirate, and his best friend Tucker, who thinks he's an Atlantean Knight, and the voyage becomes nearly impossible.

The starship Isian has been waiting on a moon orbiting a black hole for over two years. A holographic humanoid named Crazy Legs has kept the ship functioning during this time but the gravitational forces of the black hole is ready to break apart the whole moon, including the ship, at any moment. And now Uncle Cenric, who has always been odd, is acting even more dangerous. . . making even his family question his loyalty.

And finally, to the horror of both brothers, their beautiful older sister is making moves on Captain Justo! How can they depend on his good judgment when she is turning him into a lovesick fool? They may be able to discover and stop the wild plans of Uncle Cenric. . . but who can stop the attractive powers of Amber Sterling?

The Captain Justo Saga

The Valley of Bones

Log 2.3: Valley of Bones

Captain Justo returns to the faraway galaxy of Seratia through the same harmonic portal he entered into two and a half years earlier. Earth is behind him, but he brings several passengers along for the ride, Tucker, his new bodyguard, Christopher and Daniel, together with the whole Sterling family. . . including the incredible beautiful Amber.

Deep in Seratian territory, Captain Justo makes a desperate attempt to sneak his starship through the most guarded region of the universe. His plan doesn't go well. Pursued by Uncle Cenric from behind, pirates up ahead and the entire Seratian Confederation fleet coming in from every other direction he is forced to once again put his trust in Cridoa, Son of Cerdic, a warlord pirate and the same man who sold the starship Isian to his father several years earlier.

When Captain Justo, Mr. Sterling and Daniel are captured, Christopher and the rest of the family find safety inside the massive battle group carrier Leviathan. As a result of their escape they discover they are descended from the same Atlantean warriors who built the enormous starship. . . a ship that comes alive at their touch. The Leviathan holds even more dangerous secrets. . . the questions now are . . . could the ship really be haunted and what are the best floors to stay away from?

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It presented a positive, fun view of the universe. The story was engaging enough that I hated to stop, and the lessons it taught actually made me ..."


Captain Justo From the Planet IS

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