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Captain Justo and the Valley of Bones


While returning to his own universe, Captain Justo is swept into a black hole. To his surprise the harmonics of his golden ship keep him from being crushed, thrusting him into an alternate dimension. While lost and alone, he comes face to face with the former High King of Atlantis who warns him that the doom that destroyed Atlantis is about to destroy the rest of humanity.

Captain Justo, together with the Sterling Family, must rise to a new challenge, with the fate of all races, on all worlds, hanging in the balance. Together they must face pirates, mummies, demons and ghosts. Knights with swords of power will clash against indestructible soldiers raised from the dead.

Captain Justo from the Planet Is was just the beginning of a thrilling saga guaranteed to capture your imagination and win your heart. Captain Justo, The Valley of Bones is the exciting sequel to the first book and will grab your attention from the first page until the last exciting sentence.


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