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Captain Justo returns to the faraway galaxy of Seratia through the same harmonic portal he entered into two and a half years earlier. Pursued by Uncle Cenric from behind, pirates up ahead and the entire Seratian Confederation fleet coming in from every other direction he is forced to once again put his trust in Cridoa, Son of Cerdic, a warlord pirate and the same man who sold the starship Isian to his father several years earlier. When Captain Justo, Mr. Sterling and Daniel are captured, Christopher and the rest of the family find safety inside the massive battle group carrier Leviathan and discover they are descended from the same Atlantean warriors who built the enormous starship. The Leviathan holds even more dangerous secrets. . . the questions now are . . . could the ship really be haunted and what are the best floors to stay away from?

Valley of Bones Captain Justo Saga Log 2.3

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