The Santa Claus League


 I'm really excited to offer my newest book just in time for Christmas. This book is destined to become a Christmas family tradition.

The story begins when a 17 year old promises to play Santa Claus for a charity event to impress the prettiest girl in school. While his parents are out of town he gets his grandfather's Santa Claus suit out of his parent's closet. He soon discovers that there is more to it than simply wearing a costume; his grandfather was a member of an elite group of people called the Santa Claus League.

When he puts on the suit he's unprepared for what happens. He finds that he has been given all the powers of Santa Claus along with all the responsibilities that go with them!

He isn't expecting what proves to be an exciting adventure!

 See independent reviews of the Santa Claus League from Pen and Paper or Insatiable Readers

 Or read an interview with the author by Anna Del C

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