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 Bryce Anderson

The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl

Roderick thought life would be easier after she died. Her neural paths would be scanned, then simulated on computers, letting her experience a life without aging, without dandruff, without any of the drawbacks of hauling her own squishy meatbag hither and yon. For a little while the plan seems to be coming together.

Then, just as the government bans her research, an unknown agent detonates a nuclear device in downtown Manhattan. Now, she is the only person standing between humanity and extinction. Will she be enslaved or deleted by the government? Can she stop the coming war with China? How will she find time to finish her doctoral thesis? And -- though we're trying hard not to judge -- isn't Dr. Mellings way too old for her?

Part goofy, part dark, The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl is a strange tale of one of the many futures now barreling toward us. We live in exponential times.

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"This book is extremely well written and understandable. It is intriguing and keeps a child's attention while also teaching a very simple principle that has become so skewed. Aft..."

Daniel V. Oaks

The Fisherman's Catch

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It presented a positive, fun view of the universe. The story was engaging enough that I hated to stop, and the lessons it taught actually made me ..."


Captain Justo From the Planet IS

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