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Captain Justo from the Planet IS



Marion James Justo is on his first voyage as a captain of a star ship but this isn't just any star ship, it's his family's prized posession that has been lost for decades. It is capable of traveling through vortexes outside of time, but such a voyage is very dangerous and only a good person can survive the journey. The ship uses music to open a vortex in space to travel the same rivers of light and fire that angels use. Only the gold hull of the ship can sheild him from the dangers of the journey enough for him to survive.

Things start going wrong when he is attacked by pirates and has to flee for his life! A torpedo damages the hull just as the ship opens a vortex. He barely survives the journey only to crash land on earth right in front of two brothers!

Fate has brought him to earth, but he must discover why. Find out for yourself in this exciting adventure!



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