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Quotes The book is about King Langward and the former King Burkhart. The book starts with Langward entering the castle to kill King Burkhart. He decides not to execute Burkhart because he sees the king kneeling on his bed with his dead wife in his arms. With a glance into his eyes, Langward knows that he is a broken man. So, King Langward accepts the armbands of kingship and allows Burkhart to live in the village that Langward grew up in. Burkhart raises his daughter and works to re-pay Langward for his mercies. Since King Burkhart had been a tyrant when he ruled, the people of the kingdom and the village hate him and think that he should have been executed. I stayed up until 1 AM reading this book one night and have added the second book in the series to my Amazon wish list. I recommend this book to anyone who loves fast paced drama and stories that involve forgiveness and redemption Quotes
Tracy Craft
Blood of Ancient Kings

Quotes I had the chance to read this book and meet the author with my book club. Talking sci fi travel theory was a blast! My son read this book several times, an avid reader and fantasy connoisseur. It's a very well thought out book with a solid background. I am still waiting for the sequel, my son and I hope it comes soon! Quotes
John H. Whicker
Captain Justo From the Planet IS

Quotes My kids and I really enjoyed this book. It it's well written and fun to read. My 11 and 9 yr. old boys just ate it up. it's completely clean with no bad language and teaches good old fashioned values in a refreshing new way. Great read! Quotes
D. Paxman
Captain Justo From the Planet IS

Quotes I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It presented a positive, fun view of the universe. The story was engaging enough that I hated to stop, and the lessons it taught actually made me want to be a better person. I can't wait for the sequel, and I can't wait to read it to my kids, when they are old enough to understand it. Quotes
Captain Justo From the Planet IS

Quotes This book is extremely well written and understandable. It is intriguing and keeps a child's attention while also teaching a very simple principle that has become so skewed. After reading this to my little cousins (it's their favorite book) I laughed at how wonderfully it broke down all the simple things to where my 9 year old cousin could understand what millions of adults could not. I love this book and will vouch for it any day to anyone. Have a great day! Quotes
Daniel V. Oaks
The Fisherman's Catch

Quotes It was such a pleasure to read this thoughtful story and look at the artful pictures. I don't have the right words to describe the superior quality of the illustrations. The story itself contains many educational gems about the free market, capitalism, reward for labor, and more. The storyline/plot flows naturally and could stand alone, but it still manages to teach valuable, timeless lessons. Exceptional work, highly recommended! Quotes
Melanie J. Elliott
The Fisherman's Catch

Quotes "The Fisherman's Catch : A Conservative Bedtime Story" is a colorful, thoughtful children's book that explains basic values and principles of conservatism. It explores the concepts of self-reliance, redistribution of wealth and free-market principles while promoting limited government and diligence. The illustrations are beautiful and the story simple enough for my six year-old twins to comprehend....and even more important, enjoy. Follow-up questions allow families the opportunity to discuss and apply this story to their own beliefs and value system. As a homeschooling mom, former teacher, conservative parent and children's book author, I highly recommend this book to parents who are looking for a thoughtful way to introduce these topics. -Laurie Cockerell Quotes
Laurie Cockerell
The Fisherman's Catch